A Japanese born pianist, Marina Iwao began playing piano at the age of three. She has appeared throughout Japan and the United States, and is active as both as a soloist and a collaborative pianist.
As a soloist, she has been performing in recitals and master classes along with festival appearances, most recently at the Bowdoin International music festival in Maine and the International Keyboard Institute Festival in New York. In 2009, she won the Solo con Tutti concerto competition, appearing as a soloist with the Alliance Symphony Orchestra. She is also the first prizewinner of the 2015 Bradshaw and Buono International Piano Competition, performed at the Weill Recital Hall at the Carnegie Hall.
An avid collaborative pianist, she performs regularly in recitals in Boston, New York and Japan. Her performance with a cellist, Mina Kim, was aired on WQXR New York. She is currently a member of a chamber music collective, Artists By Any Other Name, and a staff accompanist at the School for Strings.
After She graduated from the music department of Fukuoka Daiichi High School in Fukuoka, Japan, she earned her Bachelor of Music from Longy School of Music where she was awarded the Margaret Rohde award for excellence in the study of music theory and musicianship. She received a Professional Studies Diploma in Piano Performance at Mannes College the New School for Music in New York, where she studied under Victor Rosenbaum.
She has studied with Maira Liliested, Wayman Chin, Victor Rosenbaum, Miyuki Hirakawa in solo piano, Diane Walsh, Marco Granados and Terry King in chamber music.

福岡県福岡市出身。ピアノを3歳より平川美幸氏のもと始める。福岡第一高校音楽科を卒業後渡米、ボストンロンジー音楽院にて学士過程並びにパフォーマンスディプロマを取得、卒業時に選ばれた卒業生に送られるThe Margaret Rohde Award を授与される。卒業後ニューヨークへ移り、マネス音楽院にてヴィクター・ローゼンバウム氏のもとプロフェッショナルディプロマを取得。ソロにおいてはこれまでにニューヨーク国際ピアノ音楽祭、ボードン国際音楽歳に奨学生として参加。2009年ソロ・コン・トゥッティ協奏曲コンクールにて1位受賞、アライアンス交響楽団と共演。2015年にはブラッドショー・ブオーノ国際ピアノコンクールにて1位を受賞し、カーネギーホールにて行われた受賞者コンサートに出演。室内楽にも力を入れており、室内楽グループArtists By Any Other Name に所属するほか、チェロ奏者ミナ・キムとの演奏がニューヨークのクラシック専門ラジオ局、WQXR にて取り上げられる。
している。これまでにピアノを平川美幸、Dr. Maira Liliestedt, Wayman Chin,Victor Rosenbaum, また室内楽を Diane Walsh, Yuri Kim, Yura Lee, Marco Granados,Terry King の各氏に師事。