Jin Soo Kim is a rapidly rising composer who has worked on National Geographic channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, PBS and independent films. He is a versatile composer with the skill for crafting rich orchestral tapestries, as well as cutting edge sounds to match the visual images in movies.

Jin Soo Kim was born in South Korea. He learned to play many instruments, such as guitar, drum, piano and bass while attending church. Being able to lead the praise team at church has driven him to love music even more. Currently, he is leading an adult choir group as a music director and conductor.

Jin Soo found that his passion for music went beyond its sheer ability to seep into our skin and bend the rhythm of our hearts to its own (whether it is the soul shattering sadness of B.B. King’s “Why I Sing the Blues” or Christina Aguilera’s get-on-your-fee- and-scream “Dirty”). His passion also lay in understanding where that power originates from: its harmony, rhythm, and the elements required in composing, arranging, and producing a song, a theme of music, or just a simple jingle. (His favorite project while at Berklee college of music was composing theme music, i.e. music that, when heard, gives shape to the visible world, a violent storm, or the vast African wilderness.)

Music had made such an impression on Jin Soo that he decided to study music.

He attended Berklee College of Music to pursue his studies, where he majored in “Contemporary writing & Production”.

On his major, He studied study composition, arranging, scoring, and production techniques. Then he could apply those skills and concepts by writing for and overseeing the production of a wide variety of instrumental, vocal, acoustic, and electronic combinations, ranging from small workshop groups to a studio orchestra in live performance situations and recording studio environments. He explored contemporary concepts and techniques of arranging and sound production in both the analog and digital domains. This study gave him to gain valuable experience by being able to create, arrange, and produce projects using MIDI workstations and the recording studios.

When he was in the Boston area, he also played with many musicians, such as the famous guitarist, Min Young Suk. He also recorded with Daniss Morris who is bass player and Scott deOgburn who is trumpet player of faculty at Berklee College of Music. He also worked with Jon Aldrich, a faculty at Berklee College of Music, for numerous jingles for TV.

When he was in Berklee College of Music, he studied with many great musicians such as Matthew Nicholl, Richard Evans, Michael Farquharson, Jerry Gates, Jon Aldrich, and Marti Epstein. 

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Jin Soo furthered his education in music by coming to New York City to attend New York University for his master’s program where he majored in Film scoring. Jin Soo once again had a chance to work with very talented musicians such as Ronald Ronsadoff, Jerica Oblak, Ira Newborn, and Gary Pozner.
Gary Pozner is best known to rock fans as the keyboardist in the Tom Tom Club and the founder of the African-Celtic-Gospel-Rock